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Woman Killed in North Carolina

In this episode, we continue with part 9 of the murder of Leoda Childress, that poor North Carolina girl who was shot in the heart with a .22 rifle. The mystery continues! We also have the first part of the death of a bank ‘runner’. This man was transporting over $65 grand from a bank in New Jersey to a bank in Philly when he disappeared. Now a group of hunters have found his body in a shallow grave in the woods. And he’s wearing brand new clothes and shoes that have seen no wear. Did he abscond with the cash and was then killed, or was he kidnapped and killed for the money?

real crime with Danny LopezTune in for more crime from the past 200 years. In this episode, we also have a murder from the late 1800s where a woman kills her husband and a different case where a man brings charges against a jealous wife who shot him in the leg after she saw his picture where he is sitting by a cardboard cutout of a woman. What’s this world coming to?

Family jailed for murder of 20-year-old girl

Real Crime. True Crime stories from newspapers from the last 200 years continues with part 8 of the 1934 murder mystery of Leoda Mae Childress, a 20-year-old North Carolina woman. The Tilley family has been arrested and accusations and alibis fly back and forth as the prosecutor tries to make a case. Was it suicide or murder?

real crime with Danny LopezAlso in this podcast there is the detailed investigation into the murder of an old prospector in Arizona. All the details show us how the murder occurred, but it does not offer any clues as to the culprits. We also have the flare up of a feud in rural Mississippi in the late 1800s, where a three-time prison escapee terrorizes the town and his own father is later lynched by a mob. And our final note is a bizarre bit about a woman whose bedding combusts. Yes, different parts of her bed are catching fire—on their own!

Final Episode of The Great Circus Murder!

Yes, this episode of Real Crime has the 12th and final installment of the great circus murder of Honest John Brunen. At last the trial of the circus folk comes to a close and the jury delivers its verdict. Drama and conclusion wrap up this long mystery. Was justice served?

real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this episode of Real Crime we have part 7 of the mystery murder of who killed Leoda Childress, the 20-year-old girl in rural North Carolina. In this installment, the Tilley’s are arrested as evidence is outlined with detailed testimony from various neighbors and friends of Leoda. The big question remains about the infamous note and whether Leoda’s death was a suicide or murder. It sure doesn’t look good for the Tilley clan!